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The Colfax Building Department is committed to ensuring that the design, construction, and use of all buildings and structures adheres to the building codes of the state of California. The Building Official is responsible for enforcement of the City's Municipal Code, as well as building safety, accessibility, and new developments. The Building Official also enforces other California and federal laws, including portions of the Business and Professions Code, and the California Contractors State License Law.

The Building Department performs plan checks, inspections, and issues permits for commercial, industrial, and residential projects within Colfax City Limits. Please contact the Placer County Building Department regarding all projects in the unincorporated areas outside of City Limits. Before you begin your project, please consult the Building Department to ensure your project conforms to all applicable codes, and receives the proper permits.

Ready for an Inspection?

Call (530) 346-2313 during regular business hours Monday through Thursday, for a Tuesday or Thursday inspection. At this time, inspections are conducted only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Building Permits:

Building permits are required whenever a structure is erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted or demolished. Permits are required by state law to ensure that state laws, local codes, and local ordinances are observed. Working on projects without obtaining proper permits may subject your property to penalties, fines, eviction, and possibly demolition. Plan-check deposits are collected when building plans are submitted.

Building Sewer Lateral Inspections are Required:

The City has adopted an ordinance that requires ALL properties (residential, commercial, and industrial) to have their sewer laterals inspected and video recorded by a qualified professional if: the property undergoes a change of ownership; the property undergoes $20,000 or more in upgrades, renovations, or remodeling; there is a change in property use; there is a new connection to the sewer collection system; the sewer lateral or sewer main is rehabilitated or replaced; there is an installation of additional plumbing facilities; there is a sewer overflow. Please see the City of Colfax Sewer OrdinanceStandards for CCTV Sewer Lateral Inspections, or contact the Building Department for more information.

Local Structure Building Criteria:
Seismic Category: DO
Basic Wind Speed: 85 mph
Exposure: B
Snow Load: 29 pounds - Non-reducable
Climate Zone: 11
Frost Depth: 12 inches
Roof Class: A
Wildland Urban Interface (WUI): Very High Fire Severity Zone

See Title 15 of the City of Colfax Municipal Code for more building code information.
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